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One Rule. One Minute. Create an ad.

We promote brands and causes via social media by challenging our creative community on Twitter to respond to a brief in One Minute and reward the best ideas. When they publish their ideas, they are shared by ourselves and their followers which creates a snowball effect generating millions of potential reach per day which is all positive advertising content for the client. This enables the brand to engage with a large audience very quickly and cost effectively. It is also a great tool for educational workshops, talks, events and is a popular social network for the creative industry.

See our website here: http://oneminutebriefs.blogspot.co.uk/

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One Minute Briefs has featured in The Drum, New York Times, Buzzfeed and Campaign and numerous blogs across the world. It has also won the following awards:

MPA – Highly Commended – Next Big Thing – 2013

Fresh Awards – Nomination – Fresh Breakthrough – One Minute Briefs – 2013

Fresh Awards – Gold – Innovation – One Minute Briefs – 2013

NABS Hub David Pilton Challenge Finalist – One Minute Briefs – 2013

Own Category at Chip Shop Awards – 2013

Cannes Lions Media Academy (BBC)  – Highly Commended – 2014

Featured in New York Times – 2014

The Pitch – Top 100 Small Businesses – 2014

Great British Entrepreneur Award – Finalist – 2014

MPA Awards – Creative Innovation – Finalist – 2014

Special Invitation to Downing Street – 2014

SBS Winner – Theo Paphitis – 2014

Fresh Awards – Nestle Cheerios – Social Media Campaign – Bronze – 2014

Fresh Awards – Social Media Campaign – Bronze – 2014

Fresh Awards – Breakthrough – Gold – 2014

Fresh Awards – Social Networking – Gold – 2014

Fresh Awards – Faces of Advertising – Specialist Award – 2014

NABS – Centurion Award Winner – 2015

UK Agency Awards – Best Content Marketing – Finalist – 2015

UK Agency Awards – Best Social Campaign – Winner – 2015

The Pitch – Top 100 Small Businesses – 2015

NECB Awards – Best Social Media – Winner – 2015

GBEA Awards – Social Enterprise Entrepreneur of the Year & Special Merit Award – 2015

The Drum – Social Buzz Top 50 – 2015

Official Charts – Christmas Number 1 – 2015

Creative Circle – #LoveYourNHS – Silver – Best Social Networking Campaign – 2016

The Drum Marketing Awards -#LoveYourNHS – Winner – Best Social Media Campaign – 2016

Roses Creative Awards -#LoveYourNHS – Gold – Best Online/Viral Film – 2016

Roses Creative Awards -#LoveYourNHS – Gold – Best Integrated Campaign – 2016

Roses Creative Awards -#LoveYourNHS – Grand Prix Award – 2016

MPA Awards – Collaboration – #LoveYourNHS – Winner – 2016

MPA Awards – Best Agency Campaign -#LoveYourNHS – Winner – 2016

Brand Republic Digital Awards – Best Social Campaign – #LoveYourNHS – Winner – 2016

Campaign Big – Best Social Media – Winner – #LoveYourNHS – 2016

NECB Awards – Best Social Networking – Winner – 2016

Roses Creative Awards – Best Charity Ad – 2017

Own Category at Chip Shop Awards – 2017

Small Business Saturday – #SmallBiz100 – 2017

Talk of Manchester Awards – Best Social Media Company – Finalist – 2017

The Majors – Major Social Media Campaign – Finalist – 2017

The Majors – Major Creative – Finalist – 2017

UK Social Media Communications Awards – Best Use of Twitter – Finalist – 2017

The Drum Creative Awards – Finalist – Best Online Film – 2017

Northern Digital Awards – Best Social Media Campaign – Winner – 2018

The Drum New Year’s Honours List – People of the Year – 2018

Own Category at Chip Shop Awards – 2018

We have done talks and workshops at various events such as The Art of New Business at LBi London, D&AD, Twestival, Glug, Manchester Talent Day, IPA, Freshtival and the BBC. We also lecture at various universities & colleges.

If you’d like us to come and do a talk/workshop with you or you’d like to collaborate with us on a brief… please e-mail us at interest@bankofcreativity.co.uk

Find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OneMinuteBriefs and ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

We hope you’ll all get involved…if you’ve got a minute.




If a great idea should fit on the back of a cigarette packet, or napkin, or whatever small item you like best, One Minute Briefs is a flipping marvellous one. Whatever the brief – whether it’s to advertise the army, slimming pills, or even, ahem, dogging – OMBs forces you to think quickly and sharply about the very core of the product then communicate it as effectively as you can with wit, intelligence, or sometimes just a bloody good pun. These short bursts of concentration make you think better and they make your creative work better. And they only take 60 seconds, so you don’t even have to feel bad about doing one of them instead of the really important report your client needs in exactly 32 minutes. Basically, they’re fun, they’re clever, and they’re making me sort out a portfolio so I can get a job doing stuff I love all day, rather than for just a minute of it.

Emily Barrett 

‘Advertising is a business built on ideas. Anyone who wants to work in advertising knows this. But often there’s a lot of fear out there and barriers too:
How do I get attention?
Where can I show off my work?
I can’t draw and didn’t go to art school, where do I go next?
How can I get people to review my work? One Minute Briefs sorts that out. All you need is an idea. And by its nature, they don’t need to be polished, they just need to be strong and done fast – and creative minds really need to work fast.It’s a highlight of my day, every day to do one of these. I love when I do one I’m really happy with. But more often than not, I just like seeing my idea up with some absolutely fantastic ones that blow mine out of the water.It proves that a good idea is still the ultimate currency in advertising. And there are so many good people out there doing it.Plus, creatives often need an outlet for the crazy, foul, funny, unusual and quirky things rattling round in their brains, so it’s great to let them free.’

Ben Mills

‘Love your idea. I’ve been preaching that students and creatives need to develop their creative gut. That’s how you an hit a solution fast and know it’s right.’

Mark Moll

‘One Minute Briefs allows us to work without limitations that sometimes stifle creativity and slow the process down.’

Nigel Taylor

‘One Minute Briefs has become part of my daily routine! It’s so much fun and improves creative thinking for your actual work. It makes you put pen to paper and start creating ideas, bad or good. A great technique to get the ball rolling in order to find that perfect pitch!’

Tom Storrer

‘One Minute Briefs gives you the opportunity to get your ideas out to others instantly and it’s a great place for up-and-coming Creatives!’

David Webb

‘Love one minute briefs! it’s good to test ideas generation & it’s great to do something different every day!’

Dannielle Wood

‘Initially a Twitter sceptic, I have recently been convinced of its worth for creative professionals – and participating in One Minute Briefs has played a big part in that. As a copywriter in a highly specialised field, I have found One Minute Briefs to be a fantastic way to broaden my perspective, and it would not be overstating it to say these ‘daily exercises’ have also helped me to think more creatively at work

Ryan Wallman

‘Play and irreverence are the ingredients for great creativity, in my opinion. One Minute Briefs creates a virtual agency atmosphere in which banter is essential’
Stephen Hunter

‘One Minute Briefs is a fantastic concept, the ideas submitted either have merit or they don’t, it’s as simple as that. If your concept has a great idea behind it then great you’ve nailed it, if not you’ve only spent 60 seconds on if after all!’

Robert Gorton

‘I’m really excited about being involved in upcoming One Minute Briefs. It is fun and challenging, which is the best kind of fun ;)’

Gilbert Schibranji

‘One Minute Briefs has made advertising fun again! You don’t need a degree or job in advertising, or even know how to draw – everyone with a passion to create is accepted and encouraged. I feel inspired by entries every day and it has spurred me on to get my portfolio going.’

Laura Cripps

‘These one minute briefs are excellent. Brighten up my day and get my thinking cap on and make me so much better at the ‘real’ work I’m doing.’

Jay Sangha

‘Thanks for doing your Twitter page, it’s a good form of sanity sometimes.’

Natalie Dent

‘Thanks for making Twitter a whole lot more fun ha.’


‘I really enjoyed the one minute brief you sent me earlier through Twitter and it was a most welcome brief distraction from my dissertation!’

Jessica North

‘Great event in London last week – first class! The one minute brief idea stole the show.’

Gary Hebblethwaite

Below are some examples of One Minute Brief ads we receive:


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