The Haunt

“Let’s make a pub, at work”

We gave the old adage, that all the best ideas in business start in the pub, a new twist. After winning a cash prize for the McCann Worldgroup Agency of the Year, we decided to use the money for something all of our workmates could enjoy. And with out agency not being in the city centre, we thought it would be great to have our own pub!

We called the pub “The Haunt” in honour of the ghosts who frequent the agency’s buildings and it was launched on Friday 13 September.

The pub is housed in the gatehouse at the foot of the agency’s driveway and is exclusively for use by agency staff and isn’t open to the public. It features a games room, pool table and also has a landscaped beer garden by the pond and has a feel of a traditional country pub. As well as being a pub it contains meeting rooms and chill out space for people to relax and work on projects.

The Haunt is the latest addition to the grounds of our agency’s Bonis Hall headquarters which already features an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and allotments for staff.

During the development of the pub, a number of people working on the refurbishment experienced paranormal encounters with the ghost of Bonis Hall. Reports from several people say they experienced noises, furniture moving and power failures, even when there was no one else in the building.

The ghosts of Bonis Hall make fairly regular appearances and seem to be encountered when teams are working late on pitches or when the agency wins a new client. Various stories as to the origins of the ghost abound and range from people seeing an elderly lady to sightings of a small Victorian girl.

Commenting on the decision to launch the pub, McCann Manchester CEO Sue Little said, “Having received the accolade of being the best agency in the McCann global network, it felt appropriate to ask our staff to decide how to spend the prize money. After all, it all of our staff who’ve made the agency what it is and played their part in winning the award.”

“We’ll be pouring the first drinks on Friday 13 September in honour of the agency’s ghosts who have provided the inspiration for the pub name. And will we be serving ‘spirits’? Well of course we will,” Sue Little added.

It was a brilliant experience and we’d like to thank McCann Manchester for giving us the responsibility to turn our idea into reality.

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