This is where we share the interest we have received during our creative exploits.

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That’s right… we did it. We beat Justin Bieber to the Number 1 spot in the Christmas charts. Working non-stop to help the #NHS4XmasNo1 campaign, I created a #LoveYourNHS campaign that encouraged the public and celebrities to show they love the NHS with ‘I DO’ pics and One Minute Briefs created some amazing sharable content. This all featured in the ‘A Bridge Over You’ music video I made with The Gate Films. See the video here:

The campaign was even supported by Justin Bieber himself and raised a massive amount for charity. It has been featured on websites and newspapers across the world. Some of which are below.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.15.13

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.11.00

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.44.54

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.40.18

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.41.17

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 17.52.52

Love Your NHS (4096 x 2160)




Chip Shop Awards Judge 2016:

Pleased to have been announced as one of the Chip Shop Awards judges for 2016. I’m a huge supporter of the idea of ‘Creativity without limits’ and I can’t wait to see all of the great work.





UK Agency Awards:

In the first ever UK Agency Awards, I was extremely happy to win ‘Best Use of Social Media’ for One Minute Briefs. Against some brilliant agencies, it was great to be recognised as these awards are all about how you promote yourselves. By the very nature of how OMB works it promotes itself so it’s nice to have that awarded and this award is for all the OMBLES too!





Cheshire Business Awards:

We had an amazing night at the Cheshire Business Awards. As well as picking up the Best Social Media Award, I was very pleased to be part of the team at Big Brand Ideas as we won a Business of the Year Award too. Great to be recognised alongside some very influential business people.

0231511-5579 0291511-5612




Great British Entrepreneur Awards:

Delighted to have won two awards for Social Enterprise Entrepreneur of the Year at the GBEA Awards in London. One of them was a special award too which made it even better. As well as that. I was on stage with Carol Smillie AND Caprice. Lifelong goal achieved.




Publishing my first books:
After receiving demand to create books for both the Agency Quotes & One Minute Briefs brand, I decided to create both at the same time earlier this year. I took some time out to make them happen and self published. You can get them here: &




Joining BBI:
Exciting times to be joining a growing agency as their Creative Director. It is great to be able to work in this role whilst having the flexibility to work on other projects too. This is a great agency with a lot of talent and I will be looking to build upon their creative output.





Fresh Awards:
Ahead of James going on his travels, it was great to finish as a creative team on a high with a total of 5 Fresh Awards. Including a special award for the Fresh Faces of Advertising. Hopefully we’ll work together again in the future.








Downing Street visit:
As part of our work for the Liam Fairhurst Foundation charity, we were specially invited to visit Downing Street to listen to inspiring talks by contributors and people who have benefitted from the work they have done. It was a truly rewarding experience and we are continuing our links with the charity.





OMB Awards Sponsorship:
Delighted to announce that @PrintedCupCo have kindly decided to sponsor the awards at our upcoming event. As part of this we received these brilliant cups for ‘One Minute Brews’!!





Salford City College Talk:
We were invited to do a talk at Salford City College and speak about the Bank of Creativity. It was a fantastic day and I introduced the students to One Minute Briefs with some workshops that will hopefully improve their creative thinking in the future.

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I entered my own team into the creative agency tournament arranged by the MPA for the first time. And it was a great debut as we got to the final! Big thank you to the followers who got involved. It was a great team effort.




Theo Paphitis SBS WINNER :
One Minute Briefs was chosen by Theo Paphitis as his Small Business Sunday Winner and we were invited to a special event in Birmingham. I took one of our Twitter followers to the event and we met lots of like-minded people. Was also great to meet Theo and get a picture with him. (even if one of us looks asleep)!!

_H1R9627 B8sBCm-IMAENSQk.jpg-large



Manchester Evening News:
We were featured in the Manchester Evening News in an article about the work we did with the MPA. As Manchester lads ourselves, it’s great to be recognised in the local media for our efforts as we are proud of where we come from and like to do our bit to help creatives in the Manchester area.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.30.58



MPA Awards:
We collaborated with the MPA on a brief to help promote their Manchester Creative Awards. They were really pleased with the results and efforts that went into it and they featured us on their website and we will be working with them on an exhibition of work at the MPA Awards evening.




Australian Gamification:
We came across this brilliant article that shows our One Minute Briefs article in a totally different light. The gamification idea is something that we hadn’t really considered so much before and we have learnt a lot from what was said and will implement further ideas in the future around the gamification aspect.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.53.44



Social Media from the Frontline:
My Clever Agency approached us to interview us for their blog. We were flattered that they wanted us to be part of the very popular Frontline section as a result of our efforts on Social Media and the article they wrote about us was fantastic and was a good way to get across our views about what social media should be.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 22.08.55



Anti-Fur Campaign:
We were approached by Peta UK who support the ethical treatment of animals. They proposed that we use our One Minute Briefs platform to Campaign against wearing Fur and the response was amazing. We were featured on all sorts of blogs and on the Peta site and Facebook. We enjoy putting OMB to good use for causes like this so if any of you have any ideas on future briefs then please let us know.



The Best Job in the World:
The recruitment company Orchard got in touch with us about working together on a brief and it was an unusual one as our followers had to make up the brief as it was to advertise the best job in the world. It was a fantastic experiment and a good opportunity to make a good connection with Orchard.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 14.51.38



Manchester Talent Day:
We attended the Manchester Talent Day and held workshops throughout the day. It was great to help out some of the students and meet some of the local industry talent. We were also able to network and plan some future Manchester based collaborations to help nurture young talent. Great stuff!



Fresh Awards Collaboration:
The Fresh Awards are now collaborating with us on an OMB every month up until their awards. We appreciate how they are working with us to create brilliant competitions that offer people the chance to win free Fresh Award entries and Ad Pads. We have a good relationship with the Fresh Team and look forward to the next brief!



Campaign for sponsors of Winter Olympics to support LGBT rights:
Recently we collaborated with The Drum and Chip Shop Awards for our OMB of the Day and the OMBLES responded fantastically with hundreds of entries. The ads created were featured across the world and we even featured in the New York Times. The winner was Carolyn Lonsdale with her brilliant Visa advert. The Drum and Chip Shop were that pleased with the results that off the back of this successful campaign they created their own version of OMB and even called it ‘Tight Briefs’!!



Manchester Twestival:
We were invited to be a part of the Manchester Twestival this year and it was a top event. Our stand was a big success and the level of interaction was brilliant. The live tweet wall was full of OMB which is what we like to see. Great to see the quality of live One Minute Briefs after a few pints. Was also great to see some of our followers taking over the stand for us when we were chatting to people. Got to meet a lot of followers from Twitter so it was a good night all round. It inspired us to create a devoted OMB event. Watch this space!



Promax UK Event:
We were invited to be part of the fantastic Promax UK event. This took place in Kensington and we were honoured to be part of a line-up that included industry legends Tony Kaye and Sir John Hegarty. Our talk went really well and the workshop we ran all day was a big success. Hopefully we will be invited back to do it again. Because the afterparty was amazing! 😉


Freshtival Window Display:
As part of the Freshtival event, we were invited to take over a shop window in the Lowry Outlet Mall alongside other agencies such as McCann Birmingham, BJL and BIG Communications. We ended up receiving award for it from Fresh so it was well worth it. Wanted to keep the mannequins too!




Freshtival Talk:
The Fresh Awards invited us to do a talk at their Freshtival event this year and we we happy to be a part of it. We spoke about how OMB works and a few case studies etc and it went really well. Plus, we got to meet a few of our followers for a beer too. Bonus! Thanks to Rob Gorton and Shane Bryan for helping us with our talk.


Advark Magazine:
We had a great piece written about us by Advark Magazine recently. We also set a brief to their readers to win a prize. Read the article here:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 21.29.55



Reached the brilliant milestone of 13000 followers across our 3 accounts recently. But it’s not all about quantity. We feel that we have a fantastic Twitter community that is hugely interactive. That is down to working collaboratively to try and engage people socially.



Lucozade Brief:
Always nice when brands recognise the good work that OMB produces and an exciting collaboration gave us our second highest amount of entries. Hope you enjoyed your Lucozade prizes and it gave you the energy to do lots more OMBs!


MPA Awards Specially Commended:
It was fantastic to have even been nominated for such a brilliant category ‘Next Big Thing’ so to be the only people to receive a special commendation was amazing. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the event but we received our award. Thanks to everyone who has helped us to achieve it. See link here:




NABS Thank You Ad:
NABS asked us to collaborate with them to create a Thank You ad that has just appeared in Campaign and Marketing Magazine. We had a fantastic response and the winner was Robert Gorton. Not many people can say they have had their work published in such high profile mags so this is a great story for OMB and we are pleased to work with such a good cause.




Fave Tweets:
We get lots of brilliant tweets mentioning us. Especially for our concept One Minute Briefs, so we thought we would pick out a selection of them and feature them. Thanks to everyone who gets involved each day over Twitter.

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Test-Tube Burger Adverts:
Another great collaboration with The Drum was to create what must be the first adverts for test-tube burgers! We set the brief this week and it was noticed by people across the world. It’s great to be able to produce response advertising like this that has never been done before and our followers produced some fantastic ideas which were featured by The Drum, BuzzFeed and FastCoExist who altogether have over 500,000 followers. Great stuff!


D&AD New Blood Stand:
We hosted a stand at D&AD New Blood 2013. We found it to be a great experience as we had a huge amount of interaction on our stand. We literally filled the stand with people’s One Minute Briefs. The whole thing was filmed and we are in the process of creating a video to share with you soon. It was good to see education engaging with OMBs and we are working on how to integrate it further as an educational tool.



Chip Shop Awards:
We attended the Chip Shop Awards as guests due to being given our own category called One Minute Briefs Microchips which was for a brief that we ran a little while back. It was a fantastic event at the Ministry of Sound in London and it was great to meet the winner and runners up. Having not attended Chip Shop before it was refreshing to see that the event was as entertaining as the type of work entered.


Brand Flakes:
Brilliant blog post about us by Brand Flakes here.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 08.21.25



Influence and Outreach:
We have been measured on our influence on creativity and outreach for the interaction and creative output we have with our followers. As you can see we are up around the top. This is a fantastic achievement that wouldn’t be able to happen without you all. Thank you.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 08.04.57



The Denver Egotist:
Brilliant article about us written all the way in Colorado!! Thanks for the mention it is much appreciated. Good to see some new followers from Denver too! Cheers.

Picture 11



Campaign Turkey:
Was great to see Campaign Turkey mentioned us! Good to see we are inspiring people across the world and not just the UK!

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 16.53.43



Blue Bus Brazil Blog:
Was a nice surprise to see such an influential blog in brazil talking about One Minute Briefs!! We hope they are saying good things as our translating skills aren’t the best! Thanks so much for the mention.

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 16.49.31



Great blog post written about us by TAXI This has got us talked about in Australia, California, Brazil and Brighton! Thanks so much to all our followers for helping us to make this happen.




Thank you note:
We have just received this brilliant thank you note from Jay Sangha. Great idea that we really appreciate. It’s amazing to hear that we are positively affecting the way people work in the advertising industry. Hopefully we can inspire many more people in the future.
Thanks for the note Jay!



AdLand Feature:
Great article written about us by AdLand TV based in Sweden. Much appreciated.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 10.20.25



LBi London Talk:
We had the privilege of talking about how we go about pitching at the Art of New Business Event at LBI, London. Thanks to Karla and Sarah for arranging a brilliant event.

The Drum:
We had a successful collaboration with The Drum to create a One Minute Brief competition to advertise ‘Britain is Shit’. The partnership went well and we hope to work together on these current affairs briefs much more in future.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 10.24.35



Our One Minute Briefs concept featured in PR Week, Brand Republic and Campaign in their magazines and online.


One of our fans has sent us a brilliant gift. Some One Minute Briefs!
Great Idea. Not worn them yet though. Thank you!

Blog Mentions:
Thank you for all the great mentions on the following blogs and websites. Really appreciate it!


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