In this section you will find some other bits and bobs including some of our doodles, ideas and personal projects.

Lastminute.com – Ambient Media

We used ambient media to connect lastminute.com to people’s spontaneous use of their free time. We did this by changing taxi seats to seats that you would see in different settings to highlight just how easy it could be to be sat in them with lastminute.com. This provided an experiential feel to promote the spontaneous choices that using the service provides.


Playstation Campaign

Brief: Create a big idea to get more people outdoors and playing sports.

Synopsis: As there are a lot of children who are not active enough due to video games, we make going outdoors and playing the real sport part of the game itself. You can gain points for your online game too. This means that children can be healthier, do better on their game, and works from a sales/merchandising/social point of view.



CrossCountry Trains Poster Campaign

We created a 6-sheet campaign to promote train travel during Summer. Referencing traditional train station signage, we created destinations that were personalised moments people could relate to during Summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


MAGNAFI Christmas Card

Well… for everyone in advertising… Christmas is in August.

Magnafi easter card.jpg


Refuge Billboards

Brief: Create a print campaign to raise awareness and provide a call to action for people to look out for victims of domestic violence.

Synopsis: Using a typographic technique, we created innocent looking quotes that look harmless and friendly. Upon closer inspection, we read between the lines and all is not as it first seems as the sentence becomes much more sinister. We back it up with a call to action for people to read between the lines.


Vauxhall Adam Billboards

In keeping with the Vauxhall Adam’s cheeky personality, I created billboards and press featuring quirky headlines and personalised colours.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.46.06



Client: E4

Brief: Create a TV Promo for E4 publicising their Monday Night Movie Strand

Synopsis: This advert was created to capture the imagination of the viewer, to make them believe they are in the film themselves, whilst sat at home on the sofa. It uses iconic film scenes, with the sofa overlapping a prop in a fun, humorous way.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 15.06.42


Quavers ‘Quaving’ Campaign

When you need a snack you get a craving. But we call it a quaving as Quavers can satisfy your needs. We created a fun, visual campaign to show what satisfied Quavings look like. It is an integrated campaign that works socially using your Quaving selfies and user generated content.






NSPCC Poster

Create a print ad that communicates that every childhood is worth fighting for. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and this press ad encourages the public to help by donating to the NSPCC to help them give children back their stolen childhoods.



K&N Experiential

To get people thinking about K&N Filters we thought it would be great to try and get it into people’s hands, literally. We’ve done this by branding all of the coffee cups at car events with K&N logos. These types of coffee cup look just like the K&N filters and they give your car a little bit of a boost just like caffeine would do for you, so it all relates back to the product.




Magnafi Promotional Poster

A poster featured at the MPA awards featuring a cheeky headline with reference to when we beat Justin Bieber to Xmas No.1.





Durex Poster

An idea I had for ‘Extra Safe’ condoms in a cheeky take on Clint Eastwood’s famous quote.




Bremain ad

A poster I created for ‘Vote Stay’ for the EU referendum using a twist on the famous old saying.






Nelson Mandela – Rest in Peace Poster

Using the South Africa flag to represent the ‘peace’ logo, we communicate a ‘Rest in Peace’ message to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.




Give Blood Ambient Campaign

We created the Great British Blood Drive and started by changing the Union Jack with the level of red running down. This then expanded into ambient media by taking the red out of typically British red things like postboxes, buses and phoneboxes etc. This would raise awareness of the issue and be accompanied by a social campaign that asked people to give blood.





Corona Ad

A response ad before the Eclipse 2015 for Corona. A ‘corona’ is the light surrounding an eclipse so I used the bottle top’s gold edge to achieve this. I’m shocked Corona did nothing themselves. Missed opportunity.



Pizza Hut Poster

Simple visual of a computer cursor/pizza slice server to communicate the Pizza Hut website.





Raid Ad

Using a swear word associated with bees when they hassle you, we literally removed the ‘b’ to create an impactful message in a simple way.





GambleAware Ad

Saw this one day whilst walking through Manchester and thought it would make an impactful headline/visual to generate awareness about the dangers of gambling. Received a nomination at the Chip Shop Awards 2016.





One Minute Brief ads

Below are a selection of our One Minute ideas for brands and trending topics.





Tabasco Ambient Media

Brief: Create an in-store ambient idea that reminds people to add Tabasco to their shop.

Synopsis: Our insight is that without Tabasco, your food is missing that vital flavour. It is also a product that you wouldn’t necessarily think of to buy so we used the trolley bar to communicate our message of ‘Have you forgotten’ something and used printing technology that heats up when it is touched on the Tabasco bottles as you push your trolley around.











License Plate Movie Posters

An ongoing project which re-imagines movie posters using only licence plates.






Twitter Poster

With the decline of Facebook and rise of Twitter, we created an ad to celebrate it with a cheeky dig at Twitter’s big rivals.





Fresh Awards Move Poster

We have an ongoing collaboration with the Fresh Awards and here is a poster we created for their change of address using their logo.




Do the Green Thing Posters

Our entry into a competition, using glow in the dark inks to reveal a tree in the filament of a light bulb on billboards at night.



Internal Confidentiality Posters

To differentiate from boring confidentiality communications, we created a campaign using staff themselves to give the message to their workmates to ‘not get their privates out in public’ The eye-catching photography got a lot of attention and raised awareness of what is a serious message in a fun way.



Comic Sans for Cancer

We recently ran a collaboration with Comic Sans for Cancer, an exhibition that uses the font we all love to hate to raise money for Cancer Research. Here was our poster submission for it.




Car designs

We are both seriously into cars and are keen car designers. We almost did a car design course but went on to do advertising instead. Here is one of our designs.








Client: DNS/MCFC

Brief: Create a one-off Mailer document to advertise DNS to MCFC.

Synopsis: Using City’s famous song blue moon, we created a hybrid using a blue plate to reference the catering service DNS provides. The document included food/football history references and we enclosed it on a place mat made from grass turf within a glass case to give it unique and authentic feel.




A skip isn’t just a skip.

For NABS’ canvas auction, we created 2 canvasses to reflect the copy/art directional aspects of our creative team. We decided to use the most boring subject we could find to photograph and describe. We chose a skip but we really enjoyed making something creative out of it and also make some money for charity in the process.




Bargain Booze Photograph

Photograph created by Bob McGowan turned into a cheeky ad.




Self-assessment reminders

We used mirrors in public places where we could target self employed workers to remind them to do their self assessment for tax.





Christmas Cards

We like to interact with our followers on social media and this year we created a Christmas card from @OneMinuteBriefs, @BOC_ATM & @AgencyQuotes

Medecins Sans Frontières poster.

For the Cannes Lions brief we had to come up with messaging to world leaders to stop them confiscating copycat drugs that are saving people’s lives. Our message is a warning to show what taking away these drugs could do.



CrossCountry Food/Snacks Posters

We created posters showing the from and to messaging as ‘Peckish’ to ‘Nicely’ full by using the train ticket as a platform.



Carcraft and Webuyanycar.com petrol pump ads

We create petrol pump advertising that relates to it’s media space and the services provided by Carcraft and webuyanycar.com.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.57.30



Co-operative Fairtrade ads

We created ads that advertise the good cause rather than the product itself in order to persuade people to buy them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.28.06



Mushrooms Poster

We created a poster to advertise Mushrooms and their health/strength benefits after noticing that a mushroom sliced in half looks like a face with someone tensing their muscles.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.29.49



Sunkist – Get Sunkist

We created a Sunkist campaign to capture the lip-smacking taste of the product in a fun, engaging and social way. The idea is ver colourful and visual to reflect the brand.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.59.30

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.59.37



Vimto – Grocer Ad

We create a front cover advert for Vimto to reflect the ‘Refreshingly Different’ strapline. So we create a Refreshingly Different ad that brings your phone to life as part of the ad. Scan the QR code. Place your phone on the cover and it turns into a video about the Vimto brands.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.59.20


BBC Move London to Manchester

We won the BBC Creative Challenge with this idea for the information pack for the 2300 BBC workers moving from London to Manchester. It was all about moving and storage etc so we created a specialised USB that held all of the information you needed for the move and you could move all of the files you needed off your computer. This was accompanied with a leaflet delivered in a raincoat pack with a cheeky reference to the rain.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.59.03



Castrol Oil

We won a YCN Award for finding solutions to the problems that people face when putting oil in their cars. The concepts made it much easier to pour oil and keep oil in your car at the level required. This included valves to stop glugging, oil capsules, and dipstick measurements.




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